Recipe to Winning a State Championship

April 7, 2017
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4 dedicated senior captains
16 players
4 coaches
A team chemistry
22 games and 4 losses
4 playoff games to get to state
1 comeback
1 kohl center
Beat Spash

First, you gotta have the 4 dedicated senior captains to push the entire team to get better. For a state championship team you gotta have 16 players, 4 coaches, and an amazing team chemistry to get far and hopefully to state. Need to have 22 wins and 4 losses and 4 playoff games to get to state. Doesn’t matter how you win, you only have to win by 1 point. When you get to state you play a good team in the semifinals, you play a good team and you’re down by 12 with 5 minutes left. That’s when you make the best comeback in arrowhead history and beat them by 1 in overtime. Then you’re in the state championship game at the kohl center the place you wanted to be and all you gotta do is beat Spash a 3 time defending champion.

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