Super Bowl LI

April 6, 2017
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Once again, the Super Bowl did not disappoint the millions of viewers watching from their televisions at home or the spectators in the stands cheering on their respective teams. To many, Super Bowl LI is known as one of the best all time games as an NFL legend added on to his extremely successful career by adding a 5th championship to his collection in one of the most spectacular ways possible.


At halftime, the New England Patriots were down 21-3. Their only points came off of a last minute field goal to end the first half. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons looked like they already won as they scored another touchdown in the third quarter to take a 28-3 lead. No team in NFL history had ever come back from more than 19 points in a Super Bowl, until February 5, 2017, when the Patriots did exactly that.

Many viewers of the Super Bowl had already counted out the Patriots and did not think any kind of comeback was possible. Tom Brady was determined to win his 5th Super Bowl, and nothing was going to get in his way. The Patriots did not score anymore in the third quarter and just looked uninterested. It took the will of an NFL legend to guide his team to victory.

The Patriots struck in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter to reduce the deficit to 18. Atlanta still looked comfortable with the lead as their offense continued to advance up the field. The Patriots defense looked strong and focused as they were determined to keep Atlanta to 28 points. Big plays from New England led to a stop and the Patriots were prepared to keep chipping away at the large Atlanta lead.

Once again the, Patriots drove up the field to score a touchdown and got the 2 point conversion. This lead to one of the highest scoring fourth quarters in NFL history at 19 points, tying the game for the Patriots. After a pass from Tom Brady leading to an exceptionally difficult catch by wide receiver, Julian Edelman, it almost seemed as if the Patriots were destined to win. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Atlanta Falcons tried to string together a last minute drive that would eventually come to nothing, sparking a Super Bowl overtime.

 When a player is trying to solidify their legacy, they are required to perform in clutch moments and do “the impossible.” In the NBA finals, LeBron James rescued his team from a 3-1 deficit against the NBA’s best team statistically. In the Euro 2016 final, Cristiano Ronaldo had to will his team on from the sideline as he was substituted out due to injury. In the MLB World Series, the Chicago Cubs also came back from a 3-1 deficit defeating the Cleveland Indians and winning their first world series in over 100 years. All these events set the stage for another legend to make his mark in NFL history.

 Overtime started up and the New England Patriots got the ball, setting the stage for what was to go down in American Sports history. Tom Brady and the Patriots began the overtime period by slowly edging down the field with short runs and passes. The Atlanta Falcons defense looked dazed almost as if they knew they had no chance of stopping the hot Patriots offense.

It took one bold move by the Patriots that ended up deciding the game for them. Tom Brady launched a deep pass down the field, which would end up almost deciding the game. As he threw the ball, it seemed as if it had stayed in the air for an eternity before it came down. A scramble near the end zone looked as if Atlanta had gotten the stop, but the exact opposite happened. Pass interference was called on the play advancing the Patriots 13 yards down the field, leaving the 15 yards from the end zone. In one final play, it was up to Tom Brady to secure his legacy and prove to everyone why he is known as the best quarterback of all time. A short pass to James White for the touchdown sealed the win for New England, giving Tom Brady his fifth Super Bowl Win.

Super Bowl LI added another game to the list of legendary sports games in the last year. From amazing comebacks, to astounding upsets, the New England Patriots added yet another to this list of accomplishments. Tom Brady has now sealed his legacy as one of the greatest athletes of all time, capping of a historic NFL career.

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