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March 29, 2017
By michael_dirienzo BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
michael_dirienzo BRONZE, Park Ridge, New Jersey
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What exactly does success mean to you? Whether it be winning or trying your hardest, the school baseball team included the perfect culmination of all things that made them triumphant. Because everyone on the team played baseball with true passion and the will to win, all of the pieces of a team that were necessary to do well that season were in place. All of the teammates have been long friends throughout their lives, the players were eligible to play almost all positions in the field well, and a true display of discipline and skill was represented at bat and in the field. These components represented factors present within a successful team in any sport. Therefore, the baseball team bonded, did their job, and played well.


One of the best things in which the team had was the flow and bond they created. For instance, during every practice, their routine was the same: they took the field, they batted, and then they scrimmaged. This basically allowed the team to have flow within their play and created a friendly connection between all of us. No matter who they were to each other, everyone got along on the field. Most if not all of the players were also already friends before that either through baseball or school. This eliminated the working-in process in the beginning and allowed for a quick mold of the team and lead to early victories. Because of this, they prospered as a team; going 9-1 in the regular season. Due to the drive everyone had for each other, the team represented the number one spot in their division. The way the players complimented each other was really the key aspect of the overall positive outcome that the team had. This mentality and fun they had together was most definitely the main contribution as to why the players had one certain role on the team and felt the need to let others shine when needed most.

Everyone happened to mold together as one unit; but, they also had one specific role within the team that allowed everyone to play to the best of their abilities. The method of practice and warmups affect their chemistry in a big way; but, it also brought upon the identity of all the players. For example, all nine starters on the field could play their positions exceptionally well. Due to the player’s roles being crucial to multiple wins, they also were flexible in the sense that coach would most certainly be able to put any players in any spot and have success. This was due to everyone being locked in and knowing what each position entails.. Without players having known what to do play in and play out, then it almost becomes impossible to focus on winning. Without rhyme or reason, the focus would be changed instead of just winning games. This is best exemplified through all of the players taking baseball very seriously and working hard to get better over many years of practice. In whole, the balance of the roster of this team helped this team win games indefinitely.

Due to all of the players having tenure through the game of baseball, they happened to culminate their skills as one team that year and play with much confidence and pride. Whenever spring comes around, this group of boys immediately get to the field and work on their craft because of their drive to get better every time they each step of the field. Even before the fields were ready to be used, the team would go to the batting cage to get an early jump on their swing and get back into the groove. A big contribution to the team’s success was the natural ability that the players also possessed. The infield could truly field grounders and turn double plays like no other, the outfield could track fly balls well, and the pitching rotation was lights out. All of these aspects were due to the practice, but there is no substitution for true talent; especially in the field and up at bat. The level at which all of the players on the team played at was the main reason as to why every aspect of the team worked well. Without talent on the team, nobody on the team would believe they could succeed. If nobody believed in themselves, then no good would have come from the season at all. That is why the players gelled so well and had a role because all of them were having fun while playing well. The fact that the starters and bench of the team had talent to the point where other teams couldn’t compete was definitely a major factor in their overall success. Because the team was acquainted and had been friends, they used their talents together to form a force that could not be reckoned with.

The essence of their success boiled down to the friendship and bond the team had over the years, the ability to play each position in the field and in the batting lineup well, and the natural ability of all of the players. Firstly, the friendship that the players built over the years was the base of the dominance represented in the games. Everyone trusted each other with each play, which allowed a comfortable play style. Next, the chemistry allowed players to find their groove on the field and be able to share the wealth during each game. Each component in the field and at bat were all excellent. This culmination of all things that contributed to the team demonstrated how the success they had worked. Due to all of these key things that happened to blend in their roster, it was almost as if triumph was then inevitable.  All together, this combination of things that lead to them being the best team in the league.

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