Band Is a Lifestyle

March 3, 2017

Marching band. The sweat, the sun burns, countless hours, the missed opportunities, people never understanding. At my school band is a sport, it's the thing people come to the football games to watch, the thing people look forward to and wait to watch. The thing normal people will never understand about marching band is that it’s more than a sport or something to do to stay busy, it builds a lasting family, experience, and memories to last forever. Band is the thing we are good at in my school. Band is more than just band.

Where I come from band is not something to be made fun of, people respect you if you are in band. Not many people understand how hard it is and the countless hours of hard work, dedication, being yelled at, and always having to do another runthrough after being told  “one last time.” Band will take the people in my city places, it will give people a chance to get out of this place and see what it is like in the new world. Many people will try and knock you down saying “it’s just band”, but the moment you get into the college of your choice or get the superior you have been working towards, it will make all the work worth it. Band is something to be proud of and be thankful you started in the sixth grade.

Band is more than an organization or sport it's a family you will have and that will last forever.

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