Teamwork in Volleyball

March 3, 2017
By Anonymous

Imagine playing a volleyball game where the score is all tied up and you’re up for
serving. You do a perfect serve. The other team passes it over, you go up to strike it and get your team the game point! If you’ve played sports before you will know this feeling is amazing! Volleyball includes a lot of teamwork, good equipment, and warming up.

Teamwork is getting work done together as a team. You can work as a team anywhere! Working as a group is an extremely important skill to have throughout life. Think of being on the court and helping each other getting perfect passes and spiking it over! This is what teamwork looks like, and is important because it helps you achieve high goals together. For example, I raked up some leaves for a lady who had medical issues with my youth group. We organized a team to help rake, and to help bag the leaves up. It took a lot of work with driving there, organizing jobs, and spending hours there. In the end it felt really good to accomplish something as a group. If it was only one person it would have taken the whole day. Having many people though, cooperating together as a team only took about two hours, and was a lot more fun!

Do you want to stay safe and have fun while playing volleyball? In order to do this it’s necessary to have the right kind of equipment. Depending on what surface you're playing on will determine what type of gear you’ll need to use. If you're playing inside on a wooden, hard court you’ll probably want knee-pads, clothes, shoes, poles, volleyball, and nets. If you're playing outside on the sunny, warm, sandy beach all you really need is a bikini, and a volleyball. For example, Gabrielle Reece, who is one of the top volleyball players in the world, only uses a bikini, and a volleyball.

Warming up is super important in order stay fit! It doesn't take very long to do a proper warm up which helps keep your muscles loose. For example, imagine going to practice one day without stretching first. You fall to the ground with your leg tendon snapping in half, and leaving you to cry in agony. While it’s entertaining to think about, in reality you need to take the extra ten minutes to warm up. You don't want to end up sitting all alone, while your team is out there playing. Taking these extra minuets to warm up might just save you from painful injuries.

Certainly, if you have done what I have told you to do, you are set up for success. In order to succeed you’ll need to work as a team to win. You’ll also want educate yourself in order to choose the right equipment for practice, so you can continue to improve. In playing volleyball you need to remember to warm up, so you don't get hurt. Do you already warm up before practice? Wouldn't it be amazing to end up being one of the best players in the world! However, what it really takes is hard work, dedication, commitment, a positive attitude, natural ability, and teamwork!

The author's comments:

I love play volleyball and want to spread what you need to do to get good. It is an amazing sport and you can play it anywhere.

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