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February 15, 2017
By YoungSavage BRONZE, Marlburough, Massachusetts
YoungSavage BRONZE, Marlburough, Massachusetts
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The Day I Won My Motos

The day I won my first motos I was at Capeway Rovers MX Track in Middleborough MA. The day before I was at Winchester speedpark in Winchester NH.  When I was at winchester we slept over and let me tell you that was a really long hot sweaty night to be in a tent. On race day we woke up and we started to get ready for the race we started to hear everyone start here dirtbikes and the amazing smell of race gas floated through the air and went right to your nose. The first moto for 85 I got fourth at the end because I was battling for fourth and fifth and at the last second I got past the kid and got forth. Throughout the race I was pushing to catch up to him so I could beat him like in all the big jumps I had lots of flow in the corners and i think i was hitting most of the corners in third gear. On my first moto for supermini I got fifth my start kinda sucked because I didn't give it enough gas and let out the clutch to fast so it almost bogged out. My second moto for 85 I got fifth and I blew up my dirt bike, When I was in the moto I was questioning if it was blown up or not because it didn't have as much power to hit the jumps and go smoothly through the corners like it was supposed to. Then I didn't get to do my last moto for supermini. The next day I was at Capeway rovers mx track and I had to race my friends dirtbike and for my first moto for 85 I was leading the whole race and then on the last lap I cased a jump and almost crashed and then the kid passed me and he won. For my first moto for supermini I got forth, and for my last motor for 85 I got first I got the holeshoot and stayed out front the whole time. Then my dad didn't let me race my last supermini moto.

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Yld777 SILVER said...
on Feb. 22 2017 at 1:57 am
Yld777 SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Good Essay, I understood what you are trying to say.


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