First Lions Football Game

February 14, 2017
By Anonymous

Two and a half years ago I went to my first ever Lions football game. The game was played September, 21st 2014. I went with my brother Erin, Austin and my brother’s girlfriend at the time Alyssa. The game was Lions vs Packers one of the biggest rivalries in football and the best part was  we had 2 Lions fans and 2 Packers fans. My brothers and I are pretty competitive so none of us wanted our team to lose and it was the first game we have ever went to. I am writing this because I love the Lion’s they are my favorite team and it’s probably the most fun thing I have done.


The car ride there was crazy because everyone was talking smack back and forth of who is going to win and why the Packers are going to lose. The ride to Ford Field isn’t long but when you you have a feeling your team is going to lose it takes a lot longer. I never told them I thought we were going to lose I just didn’t want to give into it. In the car we took selfies played some games in the car… we made it the first time I was ever at Ford Field I couldn’t believe it. We parked a good distance away so we had to walk all the way there, we get up there to give the people our tickets and… Alyssa had her purse so we couldn’t enter the stadium, Austin had to run to the car put her purse in it and come back (he says he ran the whole way but we know he didn’t). So we finally got into the stadium and I loved it we went to our seats which were way high up. We had to wait for the game for around 30 minutes but I didn’t care.

The game has finally started after such a long wait. The first quarter alone was pretty insane, The Packers get the ball first with 12:10 left in the first quarter they hand the ball off to Eddie Lacy who then fumbles the ball and the Lions return it for a 40 yard touchdown, the crowd goes wild I go wild while my 2 brothers sit there all sad. Then with 49 seconds left the Packers come down and throw a strike to Andrew Quarless for a 10 yard touchdown and tie the game up. The rest of the first quarter nothing really happened so at the end of the 1st the score was 7-7. 
In the 2nd quarter not that much happened but one thing did and I remember it so well because my brother Erin got pretty mad. The Lion’s punted the ball and the ball was on the 1 yard line my brother says “if we run this ball I am going to be so mad”. Aaron Rodgers gets the ball hands it off to Eddie Lacy and he gets hit in the endzone for a safety, the crowd goes wild, the look on Erin’s face was a look of disgrace, Austin tries to say he didn’t care but deep deep down he did. Right before halftime the Lions had the ball they threw the ball deep to Corey Fuller and he caught it for 55 yards we were in field goal range but sadly we missed the field goal.

The rest of the game not a lot happened. One of the biggest things was Reggie Bush had a huge touchdown run so we had the game in the bag. My brother was pretty mad because the Packers were a better team but they couldn’t win. The car ride home was great he couldn’t say anything about how we suck because we won.
Like I said I wrote this because my favorite team is the Lions, I love football and it’s just a fun time.

The author's comments:

I love football and the Lions so it inspired me to write about the first game I went to. The writing is just about the game what hapened and how we reacted.

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