Golf Tourniment

January 10, 2017
By , Macon, IL

The day of Sectionals was on September 27/16. We left at 7:50 in the morning and just waiting for the time to pass in the great hall. It was a Tuesday morning it was around 80 and 90 degrees hot. There was no wind blowing so it was very calm and still. We played at Fox Prairie golf course in Windsor Illinois. The people that went are me, Kyle, Jacob, Drew, Garrett and Grace.

I could not hit the ball straight to save my life. The hole that really messed me up was hole 11. There was three water hazards on just that one hole. When I start having a bad day at gold I usually hit the ball as hard as I can because i'm frustrated but that doesn't help. When I try to hit the ball harder I don't take my time to line up to where i'm hitting which results in my ball going into hazards and making me get a higher score.

I had five holes left out of eighteen and i started with around 20 golf balls but i was having a ruff day. I was shooting around 118+ for only 13 holes and when I played a 18 hole game before I got a 109 for all of them. I lost my last golf ball so I was disqualified from the tournament. I waiting for my opponents to finish up their game then walk back up to the clubhouse to wait for everyone else to finish. Everyone got finished but grace and we still waited on her for another 2 hours or so, so Mr. Stelio gave us some money so that we could get some food. She ended up with second place and went on to state to get 8th in state.

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