How to Folkstyle Wrestle

February 3, 2017
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Did you know there is more than just one kind wrestling? Some of these types include Sumo wrestling, Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Folkstyle. If you were to wrestle for your school, you would most likely wrestle Folkstyle. Folkstyle Wrestling is both an intense physically demanding sport, as well as a technical sport where use of technique is rewarding. Wrestling is often seen as a  hard sport, but if you know how to do the basics it becomes less difficult. To be a wrestler you must know, your  stance, different moves, and the rules of a match.

Knowing the correct wrestling position is a crucial component to being a great wrestler. The first part of your stance is your bent knees. This allows you to stay lower to the ground. The second part is to keep your legs apart and to never cross them. This is important because if you cross your legs you lose stability. The last part is to defend your legs with your hands by keeping them in front of you. If someone reaches for your legs push their hands away. If someone does manage to grab your legs push their head down and away from you. 

Without learning basic wrestling moves, it is impossible to win a match. One basic move is the shot. When doing a shot, you step out with your right leg and roll onto your right knee. Then you bring your left leg and drag it across the floor until you are on your left knee, then you put your left foot on the ground. The shot is meant to be used with other moves such as the Double Leg. In a Double Leg, you do a shot, but as you bring your left leg down it needs to be on the outside of your opponent's knees. Your right knee should fall in the middle of their legs. When there, you take both of your arms and grab behind your opponent’s  knee. This is important because behind the knee is a good spot to grip. All you have to do next is push off to your right. If you use this combo at the start of the match you can surprise your opponent.

The most important part of a match is knowing the rules. The first thing you do when you step out on the mat is put your leading foot on the square in the middle of the mat. The next thing you do is  shake hands before it starts.  This is to ensure good sportsmanship. The next rule  gain points but getting your opponent to the ground, and you win if you hold him or her on their back for four five. There are some things you can't do. For starters, you can’t lock you hands around your opponent's body unless you are standing. You also cannot put both hands under his arms and onto their neck.

Now that you have seen a few tips, maybe you can give folkstyle wrestling a try. You have a good wrestling position with bent knees. As well as two moves, the Shot and the Double Leg. Most importantly you know the rules such as, not to pull a full nelson and to shake your opponent's hand. You certainly will be able to hold your own in a match. So next time you find yourself out on the mat, you can be confident because you will be prepared for your test of courage.

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