February 2, 2017
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“Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it,or work around it,” said Michael Jordan. Jordan inspires everyone to go through the obstacles in basketball. It's a hard sport to play. To play basketball you will want to learn the strategies, the rules, and have the right equipment to be a very successful player.

In order to be safe and prepared for a game you need the right equipment. Basketball doesn't require much equipment but it's all very important. Jerseys are good to have so you know which team is which. It also helps determine if you are home or away. The right basketball shoes are important to have so you won't slip and slid all over the court. They also help you run fast. Most girls prefer having spandex so if your shorts go up during a game you won't see anything but spandex. Having a water bottle will keep you hydrated, so always have one for practices and games. Don't have too much though so your stomach won't hurt while you run. Socks will protect your feet from blisters and they will help your shoes not to stink that bad.

If you want to shoot and score or take the ball away from the other team you need to learn strategies. Offense and defense are the most important strategies you need to know. Offense is where your team has the ball and you are trying to score on your basket. Defense is even more important. It's where you try to steal the ball from the other team and make them not be able to score. Plays are important to have on offense so you can get past defense and score. It also helps the team work together better. Free throws are another strategy that every player loves because if the other team fouls you when you have the ball you can shoot baskets and get points.
You need to learn all of the rules of the game so you can be successful and not get into trouble. You must always listen to the refs and not argue with them. That just shows unsportsmanlike conduct. The refs call fouls, which you don't want because you don't want the other team to shoot free throws. They also call out of bounds which you don't want so you won't have the ball taken away. The out of bounds line is around the court and is bigger than the volleyball court. You have to be able to dribble while walking, running, and jogging so you won't have a travel called. Traveling is where you walk with the ball. There is only allowed to be five players playing on the court for each team. No more and no less than that. Subs can come in if the refs say to come in and switch with another player when they blow the whistle.

Have you truly been on the court playing in a game and automatically know what to do if you have never played before? Probably not. Now you know everything, so you won't have to think about it much. Basketball is a very complex sport and takes lots of practice and attention. You have to think quick throughout practice and games. It is a huge work out, so stay healthy. If you want to be good at basketball, you need to know all the requirements

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