Volleyball 101

February 2, 2017
By , Anchorage, AK

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to play volleyball, sending the white, hard ball over the net, with a little sting in your hand? With all the positions, equipment you’ll need, and moves you’ll do amazing at volleyball.

When playing volleyball, your team has different positions that are very critical to the team, and gives you a positive chance at winning against your opponents. The middle is always the middle person. Everything kind of revolves around them. They block, and pass to the setter. Then there’s outside, they hit the ball over the net to the other team. The setter always gets the second hit. They usually set to the front two people .

There are many crucial things you’ll need to start volleyball. To keep yourself from getting dehydrated, you always need a water bottle. You’ll also want Spandex and ankle braces to be prepared. You don’t need Spandex specifically, but you want black shorts. Ankle braces help to keep you from injuring your ankle when you go for the ball. If you hurt your ankle you might not be able to play, and it burns if you slide it along the gym floor. Knee pads are a major thing in volleyball. If you don’t have knee pads, you can’t play, because when you dig for the ball, meaning slide across the floor, you can’t not have protection. You can seriously hurt your knees playing without knee pads.  You also need a hair tie to prevent your hair from getting in your face because then you can’t see the ball, and it could seriously hurt getting hit in the face.

You’ll find that playing volleyball involves a lot of diverse moves that help you play well. When you’re serving, you’re sending the ball over the net to the other team. It hurts your forearm a little hit. Unless you do over hand serve. Then you use your palm. Passing is when you hit the ball with your forearm to the setter and over the net. Setters set the ball to the hitters. They make a triangle with their fingers and lightly push the ball forward towards one of the hitters. Hitters have a specific approach with their feet, left, right, left.  Then they have to smack the ball really hard with the palm of their hand to make sure the ball goes over the net and not out of bounds, they always send the ball soaring over the net.

Volleyball is a great sport to play because it teaches you so much. You always walk away feeling pretty great. Knowing new positions. New moves to help you play later, and some things you’ll need for almost every sport. With all the things you learn about the sport and other things as well.

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