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February 2, 2017
By William@AK128 BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
William@AK128 BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Have you ever walked into a gym and wondered what cardio machines are most effective for burning calories? How do the machines help you stay fit and get you in shape? The three most effective cardio machines are the elliptical, treadmill, and the step climber.

Surprisingly, ellipticals are one of the least effective cardio machines that I chose. An Elliptical is a cardio machine that has two foot placements that connects to a to a spinning wheel in the front with two poles, one for each foot. The pedals do a circular motion when you run. This is important because your feet stay on the pedals and doesn't hurt your joints,  ellipticals are meant for easy-going workouts. It is a non-impact conditioning cardio machine. It's meant for running, which allows your body to have a running motion. It has a cross training ability, which allows you to exercise your upper body and lower body simultaneously. It's not hard on your joints, so you don't have to walk away with like pains.

Treadmills are one of the most effective calorie burning cardio machines.The treadmill is a cardio machine that has a belt that you run on while it’s moving toward you. The treadmill is the closest thing to running, which is very convenient if you don't want to go outside. The versatility help make the workout adjustable, so you can make your experience more challenging or easier. They have a high workout put, so as a result you're going to burn more calories at a higher rate. The treadmill is well researched, so it's a perfect piece of cardio equipment.
You'll find that stair climbers are almost as effective as Treadmills. A stair climber is a machine that's similar to a escalators, but the steps are moving toward you and there are three or four steps. This is important because you exercise on steps that never end. They provide an efficient workout because it involves resistance movement. It increases the heart rate and ventilation. The stairs provide muscle conditioning to all your leg muscles because you're walking up the stairs, and it emulates climbing up the stairs.

By comparing the cardio machines effectiveness for burning calories, you now know which cardio machine you will be using for your next workout. If you want an easy going workout, the Elliptical is right for you. The treadmill is the best cardio machine for burning calories. The cardio machine that best imitates climbing the stairs is the stair climber. Just imagine, you happily burning calories quickly and effectively and fulfilling your new year's resolution.

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