Kyrie Irving

November 17, 2016
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Sweat dripping off of your brow. The bright flashes of the media blind you as you easily blow past a defender. The crowd is so loud the hardwood trembles under your feet. Fans flashing pictures of your signature shoes as the whip around the court embarrassing those who challenge you. Driving to the basket people hack at you in fear of you scoring once again. You flick the ball with such precision the ball glides smoothly into the basket.  As you get back on defense you heard the fans of Quicken Loans arena shout “KYRIE,KYRIE,KYRIE.” This is a familiar atmosphere for Kyrie Irving, NBA superstar.

Kyrie was born in Melbourne, Australia on March 23, 1992. He was a basketball player from a very young age taking after his dad who played professionally in Australia. Irving was brought up learning good ethics, values, and a go hard attitude. His family decided to move back to the states before Kyrie would attend high school. And when Kyrie did attend high school he attended Montclair Kimberly Academy.

Irving was always working on his game and it payed off for him in his freshman year when he averaged 27 points with 10 assists each game. In 2010 he was even asked to play in the McDonalds All American game, one of the most prestigious games a high schooler could play in. Kyrie constantly put up big numbers in his high school games and it earned him the recognition of big D1 colleges. Kyrie then earned himself a scholarship to Duke University where he would go to play basketball for the Blue Devils and the famous Coach K.

The young point guard attended Duke but only played about 11 games and over 26 due to an injury on his foot. But Irving made an amazing comeback when he put on an outstanding show in the NCAA tournament. Kyrie was able to set many records for a freshman point guard and was only the fifth point guard to start under Coach K. His outstanding play also earned him the MVP award at the CBE classic. After these performances Kyrie was looked at as one of the best point guards in college basketball.

After his first year of college Kyrie decided to take his talent to the NBA. He was drafted number 1 overall and went to the Cleveland Cavs. He was automatically a sensation in the league. Kyrie would go on to win rookie of the year winning 117 of the 120 votes. He averaged 18.5 points per game with 5 assist. Everyone was amazed that he could pull of these stats while not play a substantial amount of minutes. He had the ninth highest rookie stats ever and he even achieved better rookie stats than Magic Johnson, a legend in the league. After just his first year everyone knew he would achieve great things in the league.

In 2015 Kyrie and his new teammate LeBron James led their team to the NBA finals but fell short loosing to the Warriors in game 6. So in the 2016 NBA season the Cavs looked for revenge as they fought their way back to the finals. Kyrie had an outstanding performance and was able to take his team to a game 7 where he came in clutch and played a huge role in giving his team the victory.

Kyrie Irving has already earned the legacy of one of the best point guards to play the game. From his humble beginnings to his championship rings Kyrie has always been and Elite and hard working player that will always be remembered for his amazing skill on the court… and his appearances as Uncle Drew. 

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