Jimmy Buttler

November 17, 2016
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Who is this six foot seven, 27 year old shooting guard that play for the Chicago Bulls? It is Jimmy Buttler, he is ranked 21st out of the whole NBA. He is an all star basketball player that has been through some  tough times in his life.

When Jimmy was little kid he went through some very tough times. When he was not even a year old his dad left him and his whole family. Then as a 13 year old his mom told him, “I don't like the look of you. Get out.” Of course this made his life one hundred times harder because he has no parent and no home to live in. He eventually started to live in foster homes, but he had to move so much. This never stopped Jimmy from playing what he loves, basketball. In high school all of his coaches and teachers doubted him and said he wasn’t good enough. This made Jimmy heated. So, he decided to prove them all wrong and work hard.

Jimmy had no scholarships to any school so he went to a junior college. At Tyler Junior College he showed everyone that he was the best there. After his first year there he got a scholarship to Marquette University. It was a small division one school, but he had to make the best out of what he had. As jimmy learned and improved his game to the next level his coach knew there was going to be something great out of him. After his senior year of college he knew it was time to go into the NBA.

In 2011 he was drafted to the Chicago Bulls in the first round. He didn’t do very good his first year, he only averaged 2.6 points and 1.2 rebounds per game. Every year he stepped up his game by at least six points. Even though his offensive game was extremely better his defense was too. He started to get steals and a lot more rebounds. In 2016 he got the chance to go play for the Olympic team. This was Jimmy’s chance to show that he was good enough to play with all of these all star players. He showed this to them all and got a gold medal after going undefeated.

For about 3 or 4 years know Jimmy and his mom have been reunited. They have forgot about all of the terrible things that happened in the past and moved on. He doesn’t talk to his dad at all since he walked out on him.  It is just Jimmy and his mom living as happy as they could be.

So, I Guess this six foot seven, 220 pound 27 year old did make something out of himself. For everybody who doubted him he proved them wrong. He is know an all star for the Chicago Bulls and is living the dream.

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