Cops Against Skating in Certain Spots in Town

March 11, 2009
By Anonymous

I think the Police are against skateboarding because they're always mad about skaters. Downtown is full of skate spots. If cops hate skating that much, they should put grind blocks and make new arrangements to downtown instead of yelling and giving tickets and warnings out. Also, the city should build a big, nice skate park. The city is full of parks that have a lot of extra space and the city sure does have a lot of extra cash to make big changes to the police station. the police are always saying we are here to help the community. Well, skaters are part of the community they should give us a hand too.

My first reason why we should have a skate park is so teens have a place to go to, to have fun. People often believe that skaters are bad kids with nothing to do but to break property. Skaters just want to go skate and have fun. Maybe we do damage some ledges, but people should let us skate anywhere as long as we don't skate on benches, ledges, or handrails. Cops usually say it's bad skating in some spots because you could run over people, but actually skaters have good balance and feet and leg coordination so the chances of running someone over is very slim to none. Skaters want to have fun too and destroying is never on skater mind.

City provides other recreational activities, should also provide a skate park. In public outdoor places people are running, playing games, throwing things like frisbees or riding bikes. People don't worry about getting smacked with a frisbee, getting their children run over in a game of basketball, or getting run over with a bike, but people do worry about a piece of wood with wheels. Cops don't worry about anything else besides skaters and their property not getting ruined. Cops should be fair and let the people do their own thing and not get mad just because of people skating. Instead, they should go catch the real bad guys doing drugs and killing.

If cops don't like seeing people skating, they should open a huge quality skate park. There are a ton of people living in the city. I bet more than fifty percent pay taxes because that is how cops, fire fighters, judges and city employers get paid well. There is still a lot of money left over. With some of that money, I bet they could build a good quality sized skate park. People are always complaining about skaters, so this would be a perfect thing to do so people could stop being so mad about skating. Smaller cities still support their community by having a skatepark.

In conclusion, I think building a new skate park would benefit all of us, not just skaters, but the people too. There is always new constructions, why can't one of these constructions be a skate park. For a couple of months skaters had a petition of building a new skate park. If people actually wouldn't want to get bothered, they would help too, to make this new skate park.

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