How To Be a Good Teammate

October 5, 2016
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It’s a sinking line drive into the outfield! He dives!


Oh no! He missed it! When he got the the ball and threw
it back in, his teammates said “it’s ok and you will get it next time.

I’ve heard people saying if someone messes up that they have to solve their own problems, but I think that is for tennis or golf. In baseball you have teammates that help you to do better and give you the courage to do so. Teammates should help you up when you’re feeling down, or when you mess up.

I had a teammate before that missed a pop-fly and started crying because he thought he was a failure to the team. To make him feel better, I went over to him and said you’re not a failure to the team. Everybody misses pop-flys. It happens to everybody.

Teammates are family, and family sticks together like a magnet to metal. When people make fun of other teammates tell them to stop or I will. If you do something  for him there is a chance he will do something for you.
When the coach saw that the teammate went to talk to the person who missed the ball, he said now that is a good teammate.

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