Brain Smashers

October 6, 2016
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Hit after hit after hit into head of NFL players, the fans thought it was normal . Until the autopsy that change football as we knew it. It was in 2002 a doctor from Nigeria name Bemmet Omalo was “neuropathologist.”(“The Autopsy That Changed Football”). He was doing autopsy on a former center on the steelers. As a neuropathologist he studied the brain and he made a amazing discovery of CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy  that cause permanent brain damage, depression , memory loss dementia. The main topics are New tackling,  new helmet Technology and new concussion related studies.

New Tackling
They are safer way to protect the player by causing them to not get concussion. And it can also protect from severe injury “adopting tackling methods that are meant to keep players' heads away from the impact.” (Tribune). But certain coaches use illegal tackling because of the player will use less strength our endurance. But these new methods are making player be safe when tackling and make players have no chance of CTE.

New Helmet technology
Many company are trying to make new football helmet technology that protect people from getting brain damage and injury. Some company are even trying to make helmet flexible to have better cushioning inside the helmet. And some are even using a plastic core inside for the helmet. Old football company helmet were not designed to have fully air compress cushion inside to protect you from hits to the head that’s a reason some old players got CTE.

Concussion related stories

Concussion related studies that can show them how many concussion that can affect the future and the present. Many association have want to  do research on concussion  outbreak in football and to stop it. These studies have figured out ways to stop concussion, to make it less deadly, and to make it safer for us to play football. Concussion related studies are helpful to have an end to CTE.

In other words CTE in football is very dangerous and it can harm you. As a football player you need to be aware of tackling ways and have knowledge of helmet advancement , and also be aware studies that lead up to Concussions. I hope you understand that CTE is very dangerous to football players around the world.

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