The Strength of Swimming to the Mind

October 4, 2016
By Anonymous

The only time we ever hear or care about swimming is when the Olympics are on, and after that we go back to not caring. I believe that swimming is more important than that of 2 weeks. There is so much more to the sport than Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, and Ryan Lochte. Don’t get me wrong, those swimmers are important, but why is the sport important? I personally believe the sport of swimming is important because it reminds me to never be afraid of something that is hard, it reminds me that there is more to life than competition, and it reminds me that even on my worst days, things will get better. Swimming is truly the greatest form of therapy.

I believe in the sport of swimming because it reminds me not to be afraid of something that is hard but to rather learn how to make it easy.

No matter what it is, something that seems difficult at first is always nerve-racking. I remember when I was about 10 years old, my mom wanted me to try out for a club swim team. I was so nervous when she asked me, that my heart raced to a point where I thought it might just stop. I even contemplated quitting the thing I love most of all, swimming. After many days of thinking it over, I decided that I should at least give it a try. I had been swimming since I was a young child and starting something new with superior swimmers was a thought I had never dared to think about. The day of tryouts was upon me and I couldn’t think about anything else but what others would think. I walked inside the building and I met the coaches and some of the swimmers. The coaches were so personable and the other swimmers enjoyed my presence as much as I did theirs. I had such a magnificent time that I didn’t want to leave. Ever since that day, I have believed that the sport of swimming has changed my life. It has given me so many friendships that would have never come to be if it wasn’t for the sport.

I believe in the sport of swimming because it has taught me that there is more to life than competition.

Compassion, Compassion, Compassion not competition. What does that really mean? Everyone tells us that it is the act of showing sympathy for another. That’s right, but how do we show it? I have an example from when I was about 8 years old. At this time in my life I was hearing all about morals and why they are important, but I had really never put much thought into it or what it looked like. I was at one of my first swim meets and I was nervous about the meet itself. Then, I was placed in a group of other kids that I was about to swim against when my cap ripped and my goggles broke. All of this happened right before I was to go up to the blocks and start my race. We were walking out to the blocks when a girl ,about my age that I didn’t know, was standing on the deck, took off her cap and goggles, and gave them to me. I was astonished. No one had ever done anything like that for me. I know it doesn’t sound like a huge deal but to me at that time and place, it definitely was. I believe in the sport of swimming because it reminds me to show compassion everyday and with everything I do. This sport has given me the opportunity to create a better version of myself.

I believe in the sport of swimming because it has taught me that even in my worst days, it will in fact get better.
I know for a fact I don’t have a horrible life compared to most, but there are things in my life I do find difficult and it feels like it is the end. Ever since I was born, my parents have not got along and just recently they have gotten a divorce. Last year was the beginning of the end. Everyday was a fight between the two and it was a struggle to hide what I was feeling, but there was one place where I didn’t have to hide who I was or what I was feeling. That one place was the pool. Every time I went, I would immediately feel my feelings fade away. I wouldn’t have to worry about what was going on at home, I had my friends with me who supported me through everything even if they didn’t know how I felt. I remember one day in particular where I just had a horrid day at school and all I could think about was how I had to go and stay at my father’s house that day. My father and I have never gotten along and he has always treated me as a lesser person. Mind games, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse were his favorite past times and according to the law, I had to stay with him. Being in a confined space with a person who doesn’t exactly respect you isn’t enjoyable, but swimming was the one place where I could go and stop thinking about everything and just swim. Just doing something that related to nothing that was going on and didn’t remind me of anything but superior memories was something I never wanted to stop doing, even for a second. Anything that relieved me of my sadness was something I needed to stay sane. I believe in the sport of swimming because it has saved my mental and physical health.

I believe in the sport of swimming because it has truly saved my life.

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