September 16, 2016
By JuiceyValencia BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
JuiceyValencia BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Ball is life

After a same boring filled with week of waking up early getting out of bed and dressing in my private school uniform that made me feel like I was nothing more than an object, the weekend had finally come around and I was ready for grid kids game day. Most kids didn't like showing up for practice every day putting all the football gear on and practicing in 90-degree weather while getting screamed at for forgetting the play we were going over, not me though I lived for this.

You see ever since I could remember football was all I dreamed about growing up I wanted to the next Randy Moss, running down the sideline going around defenders scoring touchdowns and getting to do some sort of celebration sounded like the perfect dream to yours truly. Since football was my life up to this point I did not just go through the motions like all the other kids I made sure I was the first one done with all the sprints making sure I pass everyone, extra push-ups and sprints at home, and then when I got home I made my dad throw me routes for hours on end. So when game day came rolling around I was ready to show that I was the best kid out there and that I wasn't just doing this as some hobby this was my occupation and this occupation would take me somewhere and make life easier for me.

The drive to the football fields is usually where I get in the mindset that I am no ordinary kid oh no I put in way you much work to be anything less than the best player on the field, so it was simple I was going to outshine everyone. All I need is a chance, get the ball in my hands and this ten-year-old was gonna go viral by making highlight plays of making other clueless elementary schoolers miss their chance at tackling me.

Everything was set my dad was sitting in the bleachers with the camcorder in his hand following my every movement as to not miss a single thing I did right or wrong, I was always ready I had the mentality that I was the greatest because I worked hard and my hard work pay off, the only thing was my teammates weren't ready at all. Kickoff for the game is coming up and I'm in my usual spot ready to try and take it back as far as I can, while also overlooking my teammates hoping I can find one that looks remotely interested in trying to block anyone.

I got a decent return around the twenty-seven-yard line, not because my teammates attempted to block but because I was usually one of the fastest kids on both teams so I just had to run as fast as I could before the other team finally surrounded me and dragged me down. The rest of the next few drives were pretty normal a three and out after a few incompletions because our receivers can’t catch even if they Stick Em on their gloves, so we eventually just punted the ball. Luckily the other team wasn’t as stout on defense as they are on offense and we were able to force a three and out on them. When we got the ball back shortly after we got the ball back the coach called a sweep to the left hash and I was ready to make a play. I got on the field and quickly told my team the play in the huddle. The whole time I was telling myself I was going to make a play, but I also was praying my team would put some decent blocks for me.

The O-line put their hands in the ground and I put my hands on my thigh pads. The play was on “Set” hoping we could get that explosive jump so the defense would be caught off guard. Ready! Set! I longed for those words, it was automatic my hands shot in position and I ran through my quarterback’s arm to receive the handoff. I quickly looked for a good hole to run through or maybe just one good block I could use and their it was a small whole going off the left side of the center. I quickly cut back up the field to take the gap, all I saw was a white jersey and then I was back on my chest. I tried to get back up but I felt a pain as if there was a 5oo pound weight on my chest, gasping for air a shadow came over me. My coach walked up and helped me up off the field telling me it happens to the best of us. This is the sport I come to love and respect, it is not always forgiving but it is worth all the pain and effort.

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First time I got the wind knocked out of me.

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on Sep. 22 2016 at 12:24 pm
Arturo851 BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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honestly bro ball is life

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