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March 5, 2009
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Hockey has always been more than just a recreational sport for me, it has become a passion. It started with an NHL game featuring the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto, ON where I began to grow interested in the sport of hockey. I loved the energy in the Air Canada Center, where the crowd chanted 'We will, we will, rock you!' and the air was crisp with excitement and joy. It was this moment that ignited my fervor for hockey. All my life I have been traveling the globe to play different games not remember half of the places if been to. All I remember is the experience I had and the friends I've made.
Since I came to culver, hockey has now turned into a sport of travel. Packing and unpacking is by far the worst part of leaving for a road trip. Making sure everything is fully charged for the 5 hour bus ride. You know that your laptop only has enough power for one movie to play and maybe if you're lucky a little bit more. So, you got to power up the iPod and the PSP (if you have one) and whatever other electronic you have so that the trip isn't so painful. The coach's might put one movie on the bus for everyone to watch, but the movie is never the greatest. They best thing you can possible do on a long road trip is to bring your pillow and blanket, curl up and sleep. It makes the trip just fly by.
Every weekend, either taking a bus east or west, spending a weekend in a hotel with the team and having loads of fun. At night after the games, you would be either watching a movie or on your laptop doing nothing but enjoying the nice bed you have and most likely filling your face with pizza. Most of us just storm into somebody's room and sit there and watch a movie, which does get really boring most of the time. Everybody up till all hours of the night until its time to go to bed and wake up early some continental breakfast right before we get back on the bus.
When I sit in school, I daydream about hockey, and when I am in my room, I find myself procrastinating from homework by playing video games. Most days, I go from school, to study hall, to hockey practice, and arrive back in my room; this is just my everyday life. My passion is ice hockey, and I am dedicated to it.

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