March 5, 2009
By Brooks Burke BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
Brooks Burke BRONZE, Wolfforth, Texas
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When I was in the eighth grade I had a bad motocross accident. At the time I had been racing motocross for about two years. On about 20 acres of land behind my house, I have my own motocross track. After school I would always go down there and ride. Having your own track where you can ride everyday really improves you. My dad had just built a new jump on the track a couple of days before. I had hit the jump many of times but it just didn't feel right. That day I had been going around the jump all day. I just didn't feel comfortable doing it. I should have gone with my gut feeling. I went for the jump, and the last thing I remember is going off the face of the jump. After regaining consciousness I laid there for probably ten minutes before my parents found me and called the ambulance. The ambulance then called the aero care helicopter to fly me to covenant hospital. Two days later I was then flown to a special back doctor in Dallas that would no what to do with my broken back, which they discovered in Lubbock. I wore a back brace for six months, and I am now currently racing again. I try to look at this in a positive way because instead of being paralyzed or dead I am still racing motocross to this day.

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