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March 3, 2009
By Anonymous

'Alright, I can do this its one shot,' Ryan thought to himself.(Thought Shot)

'Ryan, Ryan wake up it's time for your hockey game.'

He opened his eyes to see who was talking to him. He was surprised to see that it was his mom because she usually wakes up after he does. He got up to the sweet smell of pancakes in the morning. While he was walking down the hall he was as stiff as if he were a zombie.(figurative language) He sat down at the table and started to eat his pancakes, then his dad came down the hall with a stiff-as-a-stone-statue-look on his face. (hyphenated Modifier) Once they finished their pancakes they left for the big game. When they got to the rink they were the first ones there. One of the other players came in to the rink and he looked as mad as a bull in a china shop. (Figurative Language) Ryan looked at the number on the back of his jersey, 10. He looked good but it didn't bother Ryan. Then as soon as some of the players on Ryan's team got to the rink he went to get ready for the game. When it was time for the game the teams went out on the Ice for warm-ups. Ryan's team was called the Bears and their opponents team was called the Baggers. While Ryan was stretching on the red line number 10 skated by and their eyes connected while Number 10 slowly drifted toward him, Ryan could hear the ice chopping under his skates. (Expanded Moment) The game started. Ryan got to start,he was a right wing so he lined up with the other team's left wing. The puck dropped and both team's centers battled their hearts out to get their team the puck first. Then it squirted back to the Bears defense man quickly passed it up to Ryan, who skated for a second but then BOOM a guy came out of nowhere and blasted him into the board. As he got up and all of the players were skating fast to win the game, hitting hard to knock the other players on the ice,and shooting the puck as hard as they could.(magic three) He skated away and he felt the ice cutting under his skates. He could taste the cold air in his mouth, he could smell the sweat on his body from a mile away. He could see the puck gliding along the ice and he could hear all the players breathing hard as he was skating away.(Specific Details for Effect) Ryan was ready any time to just get in there and take the puck but he knew that it was going to squirt out of the scrum at any moment. Then the puck banked off the boards and right on to Ryan's stick, then he just skated as hard as he could to the other end. He was ahead of everyone else so he had a clear shot for a goal. As he was skating he thought to himself ,'Alright , I can do this it's one shot,' (Full Circle Ending) He got down on the goalie, deked right, then shot and GOAL!He went and got high fives from every one on his team. He was so happy he could scream with joy, so happy that nothing could make him sad, so happy he was the happiest guy around so happy.(Repetition for Effect)

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