A Baseball Dream

February 26, 2009
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One spring day, Caesar Mendez had to be at the baseball field at 10:30 in the morning for baseball try-outs. That day, they drilled all the young men on different skills such as: pop-flys, ground balls, batting, and they also wanted to see how fast they young men ran. Once the try-outs were over, the coaches gathered around all the players and said, 'We will get a hold of you to let you know what team you have made.' So a couple of days went by and Caesar sat at home, waiting for the coach to call him. The call came five days later. The coaches' name was Philippe Munoz; he coached the 'athletics.'

So when the first practice came around, it was a Saturday in February. Coach Munoz had the team practice the same drills that they did at try-outs. The practices were only two hours, even though it was only two hours Caesar was sweating so bad it look like he had just got out of the shower. Caesar's mom was waiting for him after practice to pick him up, but she did not want him to go with her because he smelled really bad like garbage that has been sitting in the sun. Once he got in the car he talked about baseball all the way home. His mom told him if he practiced, and worked on his skills that he could have the possibility to go pro. Caesar stayed up till 10:30 every night working on his skills.
The next time the team practiced, the coach asked if any one wanted to be the catcher for the team. Caesar raised his hand and said, that he would take that responsibility.
So when Caesar was leaving practice with his mom. He asked her if she could take him to take him to get catchers gear, and she said, 'yes, we will go
Tomorrow.' So when the next day came along, Caesar wanted to go get his catchers gear. His mom said, 'how bout you wait till your father gets here.' Then Caesar asked 'were is he coming from, and how long is that going to take.' So Caesar's mom made a phone call to Caesar's father and he said that it should only take a couple of day's sense he was coming from the lone star state of Texas. After Caesar's mom got off the phone he asked, 'Why can't you take me' and his mother said, 'son we don't have enough money for that right now' and Caesar said 'ok.' So Caesar waited a couple of days for his dad, his dad finally arrived. And when he got there he took Caesar to go get his catchers gear. They went to the discount sports store. And even though the gear was used it was still nice of his father to go and spend eighty dollars on him, he was so exited and he wanted his dad to act like that all the time because he fells like he does not have a father half the time. When Caesar got home he told his mom how his day went with his dad.
The next time Caesar went to practice, his coach started to teach him how to catch. So when Caesar thought he had the hang of it he told his coach that he was ready to be behind the plate, that's when Caesar when able to show his skills, and it was impressive. By the time the first game came along Caesar was prepared for what ever his pitcher throw at him. Once the game started the athletics were ahead of the pirates (8-2), they won that game. The whole season went that way, but there were those games that were lost. Their season was amazing. Caesar batted a perfect season. He was one of the best batters on the team he was the only one to bat (1.000) with 110 singles, 12 doubles, and 24 triples, and four home runs. Now Caesar is playing for his high school and it on his way up to the pros. He loves the game and still wants to keep up his good work so that he may be able to go pro.

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