Eye Witness Account #2

February 25, 2009
By Holly Duggins BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Holly Duggins BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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My name is Jacob D. and I witnessed Michael Phelps historical winning of his eighth gold medal. The beginning of the race was intense; the swimmers were stretching and eyeing their opponents. They hear the first beep and approach the pedestal. Everyone was sitting in the edge of their chairs waiting for the gun to erupt. Finally, the gun went off and Phelps immediately released the fish within him. The first lap was very nerve racking, all the swimmers were aligned with one another. The second lap around some swimmers was getting a bit tired, but not Phelps. At that moment competition was not an obstacle for Michael. Everyone was on their feet cheering for Michael, and within in a minute Phelps became the new Mark Spitz with eight gold medals in the Olympics.

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