the worst camp ever

February 18, 2009
By CL4N-UNB0UND SILVER, Carrolton, Texas
CL4N-UNB0UND SILVER, Carrolton, Texas
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One summer Boy Scout camp back in June 2006. our day started out like all the others. We all went to our flag ceremony and gave thanks. And then we all went for chow at the mess hall. We all had a good breakfast. After breakfast we all went to different stations to earn merit badges and complete achievements after we finished our stations we went to the mess hall to eat lunch.

After lunch we had open play and I went to play at the pool I was not a very strong swimmer so I did not get a very good rank. I was not happy because I had to go down a water slide with a life jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After we swum I went to one more station it was bow and arrows. It was so cool! The next station was bb guns! I was so exited to get a bull's-eye!!!

So then we had free time and that's the best ever! But this is not an ordinary free time but it was an horrifying free time. Me and my friends calvin and james went to fish. so far I was loving it was a perfect day. But then my friend james was messing around with a fishing pole! He was swinging it back and fourth! He did it once more and then it happened'
He got his lewer stuck in his head! So me and calvin rushed him over to the adults and they called the camp nurse! And she tried to pull it out but she couldn't so my mom rushed him to the hospital!!! And maybe 4 hours later and he had at least 5 stitches in his head. And then the rest of camp we just walked around the campground. It was not a normal camp'
But he was safe. Now I stand under a tree I see my friends I wonder if I could win a race.

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