Baseball and Drugs

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

It happened so fast. One minute running to first base the next lying in the hospital bed waiting for a docor. Drugs take you over so easily.

Just the night before the championship baseball game there was a party. There was beer and a lot of alchol. Even one kid brought some Miriwana. I tried my hardest to not drink or use the drugs but I was the designated driver. They all knew I wouldn't drink and they all dared me to just have one beer. Well fact is that I got addicted I started drinking and smoking and all of the above.

I knew we had a big game tomorrow but I just wanted to fit in.

So there I was lying in the hospital bed next to my parents and brother. Then out of nowhere my brother confeses. He tells everyone he has been using drugs and drinking then told how he dared me to drink a beer. He said " I never knew he would have so much I just wanted my little bro to fit in." Wrong decision I thought in my head but I knew the doctor would figure it out eventualy. Then that big question came. " Where you drinking and driving? " my dad asked me. I knew I had to be honost so I told them everything.

Now im locked up in my room for a whole month. But secretly I really wanted this to happen. I wanted my brother to be responsible and now we are hangin out a lot more. I really like my life right about now. But because of me taking drugs I will never play baseball for my school again. I am band from playing and know that I will not make it to the major league. This is why you should not ever take drugs. It messes up your life.

Just a little advice from one brother to another.

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