Albert Pujlos

February 17, 2009
By Jabaree Patterson BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Jabaree Patterson BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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Boom bam bada bing the man with the plan ALBERT PUJOLS ! Now who doesn't know this man no wait this legend. Well I know some of you out there that isn't cardinal's fans but us cardinal's fans don't care .Well even those that aren't You steel know a thing or two about our main man . Well your about to now I'm about to tell you every thing I know about this great man .Ok well let's get started.

Albert Pujols was born January 16 1980 in santo domingo, Dominican republic. Albert and his mother immigrated to the united states in 1990's.Albert saw the game of baseball when he was younger in the parks of neighborhood .Then in there Albert found out tthat this sport was what he would love to call this his own his love his soul baseball after that .Albert went up hill from then on and went to college at Maple wood community college in Kansas City . Then and their did he hit his first Grand slam to win the game then he earned a .461 batting average and for those who don't know what that means is that he could hit the ball nine times out of ten which is very good. Espcially since it was his first year in college.

Shortly after his season he married in January, 1, 2000 and had 3 kids Isabella , Albert Jr, and Sophia. Later to find out that Albert Daughter has down syndrome even though this was a shock a Abert never let his spirit die. Albert Used this to his advantage by meeting and donating money to down syndrome programs in America and in his hometown in Dominican republic .Helping out the poor and giving them money to help them as much as he can.
This is the man the man with a plan the la raza of Dominican republic this man no this legend is the .Greatest baseball player in the world is going to stay with .For a very log time.

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It's my hero

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