Alex Rodriguez

February 17, 2009
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A while ago Alex Rodriguez was questioned if he was taking steroids. After some drugged players beat a few records, such as Berry Bonds or Sammy Sosa. Everyone was counting on Alex Rodriguez to hit more and bring baseball back from steroids. Some people say that their children will grow up the steroid era. Then other people think baseball shouldn't be a sport.
Alex started using steroids when he was in his eight year in the MLB and signed a 250 million dollar contract with Texas. He was on that team for three years and those three years he had taken steroids. But ever sense he signed a 270 million dollar contract for the Yankees he had been clean ever sense.
He said he was sorry and he was very stupid for those three years, and asked people for forgiveness. He also said that people need to move on now because it has already happened. He admitted to using steroids on Monday a few weeks ago. H said he took them because he was under pressure because he was the highest paid baseball player in the league.

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