Creighton Blue Jay's

February 17, 2009
By Frannie Cammarota BRONZE, Omaha, Montana
Frannie Cammarota BRONZE, Omaha, Montana
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Do you go to the blue jay games? I do and I think there lots of fun and they teach you a lot about basketball and the players. The games are at Quest Center of Omaha. One reason I think there fun are you get to see your friends and you get to go watch a pretty good team most of the time when.

My favorite player on the team is Booker Woodfox. Booker is one of the best players on the team. One of the best plays he made this year is when they played the Solukies. They were in over time and down by one and they had to come back so he took the three point shot from half court in spun tree times around the basket then BAM It landed right in! everyone goes crazy' and the people that left before the game was over were not very happy in themselves.

This year has been one of the bad years from the blue jays. They have some flaws in the team. Some of the are there team work is lacking. Some of the players don't like to let anyone else on the team shot or even have the ball. I'm not going to name names because the player I'm thinking is of is a really god player.

So I've told you some things about the blue jays and some reason why I like them. If you like them or you like another team you should write about them and tell people why you like them. It might give you away to have a new friend you never know.

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