The Amazing Game

February 17, 2009
By Reese Baumgartner BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Reese Baumgartner BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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On November 8th, 2008 Iowa played the number 3 team in the nation Penn State. In Iowa City at 2:30 in the afternoon these two teams will faced off. It was a cold and a little bit of snow was falling. Iowa was the underdog in this game. The last time they had beat a top 5 team was in 1990.

Iowa had one of the best running backs in the nation. His name is Shonn Greene. He had rushed for over 100 yards every single game he'd played in this season. Quarter back Ricky Stanzi took the starting position after Iowa had played Iowa State. For Penn State they had QB Daryll Clark. Is Penn State going to just take Iowa down or is there going to be an upset?

Iowa had won the toss, but they wanted the ball in the second half. Daniel Murray kicked off to Penn State. Penn States Daryll Clark sacked by Iowa linemen Adrian Clayborn for a 19-yard loss. The crowd went wild! Penn State punted. Iowa ball now at Penn States 25 yard line. Shonn Greene went for 11 yards. Second play for Iowa. Greene juked a defender and TOUCHDOWN IOWA! Iowa was up 7 to 0. Penn State had the ball at the Iowa 2 yard line. 3rd and goal. Could Iowa hold them? BOOM! Iowa took down Penn State running back Evan Royster. Penn State hit the field goal. So at the end of the first quarter Iowa was shocking the sports world they were up 7-3.

Penn State ball after Iowa had punted late in the first quarter. Touchdown Penn State! Now it was 10-7 with 12 minutes left in the first half. 3rd and two for Iowa and Ricky Stanzi sacked by Jared Odrick. Iowa punted the ball. Iowa held Penn State to a field goal though. That is how the first half ended. It is 13-7 Penn State as they headed into the locker rooms.

Iowa ball to start the third quarter. 1st and 10 on their own 30-yard line. Intercepted by Penn State. Iowa's defense though was playing tough they held Penn State to another field goal. Iowa was driving down the field. Sanzie rolled back into the pocket looking for a man open. Finds Derrel Johnson-Koulianos for an Iowa Touchdown. Penn State though answered right back with a touchdown of their own. 23-14 as we went into the last quarter of the game.

Iowa went 3 and out. Penn State couldn't capitalize on the punt. They went 3 and out too. Shonn Greene kept running and running. He was having a phenomenal game. TOUCHDOWN Shonn Greene That put Iowa down by 2. The crowd was screaming so loud. You couldn't hear anything. Penn State 4th and 8 so they had to punt the ball. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Roughing the kicker 15-yard penalty. Iowa was not happy about that. Would that be the end of Iowa's run? Tyler Sash intercepted Daryll Clarks pass. YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Iowa had 3 minutes and 46 seconds to drive down the field and score. All they needed was a field goal to win it. After Stazie got sacked and Greene missed a short pass it is 3rd and 15. Stanzie throws a deep pass and there was a flag. 1st and 10 Iowa after the pass interference. Iowa completes a pass to Brandon Myers for an 11-yard gain. They were on Penn States 39 yard line. After another 1st down, Iowa handed it off to Shonn Greene and he got a 2-yard gain. Then they passed for another first down. With 11 seconds left they ran the ball and got the clock down to 6 seconds and call a timeout. Then Iowa sent out Daniel Murray for a 31- yard field goal. It was so quiet you could hear a pen drop. The crow went ecstatic! With one second left Iowa is winning by one. They squibed kick the ball and they recover it and it's over. IOWA had upset Penn State the number 3 team in the nation. The field was stormed with happy Hawkeye fans. Kinnick Stadium was as loud as can be. I was apart of this crowd. I went to this amazing game. I was so happy and just couldn't believe it. Iowa won 24-23. This was quite the upset. GO HAWKEYES!!!!!!!!

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I was at this amazing game.

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