Keeper of the Goal

February 14, 2009
By gabbykp2009 GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
gabbykp2009 GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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do what you want no matter what poeple think. If they mind, they don't matter and if they matter they don't mind.

I am a goalkeeper. There's no other name for it. I'm not a goalie, a goaltender, or a keeper, I AM A GOALKEEPER and pretty proud of it. It warms my heart, to be the last line of defense for my team, to help them even after they've tried their hardest to keep the ball away from me. I loved being a goalkeeper, because the practice of goalkeeper is kind of extinct. Not many people play the position. When I was about nine, I remember being one of the very, very few girls who actually played and practice the position full time. I never played anywhere else except for the goal. I've only played on the field a few times, and I sucked at it. I have great foot skills, but I wouldn't think of being a full time 'field player'. It's not my cup of tea, so to speak.

I've always loved being a goalkeeper. My dad says, 'It's my destiny.' I've played goalkeeper every since I was six, and I realized that I was on the spot nearly the whole time. That's what attracted me to the goal. I wanted to be in the spotlight; no matter if it was the good spotlight or the bad (I preferred the good.). I loved the attention (Is that a bad thing?). I loved when parents and coaches say to me; 'Great game, Gabby. You had some awesome saves!' or 'It was a good try gabby. You'll get 'em next time, Kido.' or that one sentence from my coach; 'If you would have caught the ball, we wouldn't have lost.' I remember that one sentence. It's embedded into my brain cells. I know it was harsh and I know that I cried, but it was true, and it made me want to work harder, just to make my coach say something else next game. I just wanted my coach to say something different next time. It showed that I improved on something.

Goalkeeping is the hardest position to play in soccer. Screw what people say about goalkeepers don't do anything, all we do is sit in our little nets and scream at our teammates. We don't do that, the sitting in our little net part that is. We have to be able to throw our bodies out of our own reach, be able to position our bodies right, so that way we won't get hurt, we have to have soft fingers, and we have to be tough as nails. We can't be hesitant either. Hesitating is bad. Our position is 100% mental 2% physical. Brains, over brawn, I guess. We still have to be pretty strong and fit, though. My goalkeeper trainer makes us do sprits, push ups, crunches, and I even lift weights sometime. I also train with my forwards, to work on my speed and agility.

I've been a goalkeeper since I was six years old. I've been to some of the best goalkeeper camps in the United States. I've trained with some of the best. I've watched some of the best. I've actually been to a real live Women's US National Team game. It was awesome, except for the fact that it was raining and we were in the top row. I've also been on the field for the opening ceremony for a D.C. United game. I've even seen David Beckham make his MLS premiere. I've seen my fair share of soccer events, which will always be in my mind. I've played in the Virginia Beach Middle School City Championship soccer game, even though I choked and we lost to Great Neck for the second time in a row, it was fun and I even got a yellow card. I've stopped a senior's penalty kick in Kellam High School Futsal, which I thought was pretty sick, but enough about my accomplishments.

Goalkeeping is my life. It is my past, my present, and it will be my future, no matter what. My idol right now is Hope Solo, and I will be like her. If I'm playing for US, Man United, or any one else, I will be famous, as a player or a coach. I will be a part of the soccer history, I will be. I am and always will be the keeper of the goal.

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This is from my heart. This is really how i feel about the position

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Keeper6 GOLD said...
on Aug. 17 2011 at 9:34 am
Keeper6 GOLD, Buffalo, Minnesota
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oh my gosh! that is exactly how i feel! another comment thats hard is any from my teammates when they are mad at me for letting a goal in. they just dont really get how hard it can be, but all i really have to say if they dont let it go is "would you like to try it?"......... any way it was very well written:)

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