Volleyball: The Real Feeling

February 12, 2009
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The point of doing something you love is the feeling you get out of doing it. This feeling is something you can't replace. I know this feeling is real because I have had this miraculous sensation. This feeling I can only get from volleyball.
Volleyball is a game of teamwork and skill. My team and I all have felt this same feeling. We have all felt the agony of defeat, so we try not to miss a practice.

You see I stumbled upon volleyball. I was talked into it by an old coach of mine. So I tried out for the team. It was marvelous doing all of the drills. The first scrimmage I wanted to die! I didn't think I was any good but the coach assigned me starting server! Every time I served I felt a chill down my spine. The game pressed on, while we would rotate servers. When it got back to me I was serving for the last two points. I was completely unaware of the score until I heard '24 serving 13'. I almost fell to the ground. I bounced the ball and heard the whistle. I cocked my arm back and hoped for the best. Then SMACK! The ball soared. A bead of sweat rolled down my face. A whistle blew. The coaches screamed and my team roared. The ball landed right in the middle of the court. I took a deep breathe.
'We won' I said.
'We won.'

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