The Game Winner

February 11, 2009
By Colton Cooper BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
Colton Cooper BRONZE, Double Oak, Texas
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I tasted the cool water go down my throat, and then into my stomach. There was only ten seconds left in the game. We took a time out, when we were down by one point. The score was sixty eight to sixty seven. It was my time to shine now. We were all focused in on my coach. He told Matt to go set a screen on Johnny's defender. Johnny's defender was a gargantuan.

Then coach told Max to feed me the ball, so I could shoot the ball, and nail a three pointer to seal the game shut. Then just as coach finished the buzzer sounded and it was time to win a game, I thought to myself. I had a pessimistic mood all that game. What can go wrong with a couple of screens that we set? Anything and everything went wrong. First, Matt set a screen on the wrong defender. Next, Johnny's defender just plowed through him. Then I actually did 'receive the ball, but it was too late. Johnny's defender was coming right straight towards me. I was scared, and did not know what to do, so I flung the ball up, and threw up a prayer. That prayer didn't get answered. I had the ball slapped right back into my face.

My whole body was trembling, I could not move, or even try to get up. It was as if I had the chills. I couldn't move at all. When he hit it back into my face, I felt as if I had lost the whole championship. Even though the game didn't count on our record.

Things that I would have changed and made differently. Well first off I could have told Matt who to set a screen on, in the huddle, so he wouldn't be confused. Also I could have told Max to not even think about passing the ball to me. That would have made it a lot easier. Next, I could have just not have even shot the ball, if I got in that situation. It would have saved me so much embarrassment. I was pretty embarrassed when I fell and hit the ground. Lastly I could have been a lot less cocky.

These are all of the things that would have made the game run more smoothly, and save me from embarrassment. I think if I did at least one of these things, I would have not had the ball blocked by the huge defender. I wonder what would have happened if I did one of these things.

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