colts quiz

February 25, 2009
By justin branham BRONZE, Otisco, Indiana
justin branham BRONZE, Otisco, Indiana
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Q.what are the colors for the colts?
A. blue and white
Q. what is the maskcot for the colts?
A. horse
Q. who is the quaterback for the colts?
A. payton manning
Q. whos is the running bac for the colts?
A. joesph addie
Q. who is #44 for the colts?
A. dalles clark
Q. whos is #87 for the colts?
A. reggie wayne
Q. who was the head coach for the colts when the won the super bowl?
A. tony dunge
Q. what is the new stadium name for the colts?
A. quiker state oil stadium
Q. what is the old stadium named?
A. rca dome
Q. who did they play in the super bowl?
A. chicago bears

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