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February 12, 2009
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When I am running it makes my soul break out into song! How the wind on my back helping me finishing the everlasting feeling of a mile and a half, crossing the finish line with your lungs on fire from being out of breathe. Crossing that finish line with love in my dark brown eyes makes it worth wild to be out there running with my fellow teammates and against other school just wanting to enjoy ourselves and have fun.

Why do I love running? When the gun is fired and we are sprinting the first one hundred yards I stop and think. Why be in something that just tires you out and your just running for about twelve long minutes, well let me explain.

I joined cross country my seventh grade year at my middle school thinking its just all fun and games. Well I was way off! You have to work ' out everyday after school for about an hour, and then go run in the up coming meet. Even though we are out in the neighborhood working our tails off trying to get ready for the meet on Wednesday, we don't just do it because we are forced to or even just for exercise. We run because our hearts want us too, we run because we love to run. Even if some of us run just for exercise we are still out there having a good time with everyone and our coach. Our team is there for one another at the finish line cheering each other to finish and finish with a beating record. We tell each other to finish, sprint the last hundred meters, and encourage everyone that we are here to have fun and win with what we can and to just do our best.

You should love something with your heart not just with your head. Don't just do something because other people that you think are cool are in it. You should try something new and if you like it and stick with it. If what you try doesn't work out then try again. It is like a roller coaster ride. You ride a little kid ride and your falling asleep before the ride has even started yet. So get off the ride and try a more exciting ride, don't just stop because the ride before was a drag, keep going till you found what your looking for.

I am now in my eighth grade year of my running for my middle school team. I have a fabulous team this year with everyone cheering and just out there on the course having a great time. When you run or just doing something you really truly love then it makes your world worth living.

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