February 11, 2009
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Hut hike. In the is essay I will write about football, the field and ball and the history of football

Football is also called American Football. It's a team sport mostly played in Canada and America. The term football is also used in other sports around the world. One example is soccer is called soccer in America, but in other countries its called football. Elementary school, high school, college, and professional teams play American Football.

The field needs to be 120 yards long and 531/3 yards wide. The field may be regular grass or synthetic material. The indoor stadiums all use synthetic green grass. The field is marked with white lines every five yards and every ten yards is has the yard number. (Examples are 20 30 40 50 etc.) The goal lines are 100 yards apart. The 50-yard line is midfield.

The ball is a important piece of equipment needed. The ball is oval. It's about 11 inches long and about 7 inches in diameter. The material they are made of depends if its for recreational use or not. There are leather laces along the seam to provide a good grip for passing and holding the ball.

Football began I the mi 1800's. The objectives in the first games played were to kick a round ball past the other teams goal line. The teams usually had about 30 people. Has the game progressed the rules got stricter. The first game that resembled present day football was played in 1874. The two teams that played were McGill University in Montreal, Canada the other team was from Harvard University. By 1900, football consisted mostly of running, tackling, and blocking.

In this essay I have wrote about what football is, the history of football, and the field and the ball. I hope that you have learned a lot from this essay.

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