The Game

February 11, 2009
By Jesse Peralta BRONZE, Flowermound, Texas
Jesse Peralta BRONZE, Flowermound, Texas
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'Man' I wish I could do it all over again, that game meant the world to our team and me. I swear if I could I would make up that mistake last football season. Just that one little mistake messed up the whole game. Plus it was my fault so you already know I felt terrible and mad at myself. And it all happened like this.

My football team was first in our division, with me as quarter-back and Jabari as running-back we felt like the tyrants in the district. Imagine the feeling about being in first place well if you don't know the feeling it feels real good. It was our last game if we one we be going to the playoffs, but if we lost it would mean goodbye to first. Just because we were facing a fourth place team so it would drop us if we lost.
To me it was a pretty vast deal but to the whole team it was a joke. They thought it was a joke so they skipped practice and looked on the optimistic side of things. Not to me it was too big of a deal for me to joke around and skip practice, so I practice every day at school and home. But one day we were running a play were I had to pitch the ball to the tail-back and crack back the left line-backer, and while I was running the play before I even pitched the ball I got sacked and hurt my ribs. The day after I didn't go to practice or school, then the next day every body walked up to me and asked ' Hey Jesse did you get the new play coach put in''?
I looked confused at first but then it came to me 'Coach put in a new play while I was gone''. Maybe it was an omen maybe I shouldn't be taking the game so seriously and just take it easy. I tried to ask Jabari at lunch but he said that coach only told him that he was supposed to run a fade. I felt kind of good because knew that I was going to throw it to Jabari, at least until to game time. It was game time and we were already on the bus going to our home stadium it was big so I knew if I made a mistake it would be in a stadium full with 10,000 people. I got real nervous and, 'started sweating like a turkey on thanksgiving' coach would say. I mean it I could taste the sweat in my mouthpiece.
First quarter Jabari ran the back on kick off return and, Donald caught a twenty yard pass into the inzone thrown by me. Second quarter they caught up with two fumbles one by me and one by are full back Tarik and an interception thrown by Donald in are trick play, 'they ran all those back for a touchdown'. By the second quarter they were right behind on a missed field goal. Third quarter came and they scored three times and I ran the ball for a touchdown and Jabari ran it for a touchdown too. Alright fourth quarter and they were up by six all we needed to do was score and kick a field goal because Brodi never missed. We were twenty yards away from a touchdown, with nine seconds left coach call the play that I was never here for, I got the ball I tired to throw it but when I did I got sacked. After we lost I found out it was a pitch to Jabari and he would throw it back to me the run then fade, the team and I were so dumbfounded.
I wish I could do that day all over. And if I did start the day all over I would show up every day to practice and at least ask coach what the play was.

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