February 3, 2009
By arny22 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
arny22 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Three years ago on a Wednesday was when I first started playing soccer. My cousin plays every Wednesday at the park and he dragged me to go play with him that day, and boy was I bad. Seeing my cousin play so good made me want to learn how to play soccer so I could fit in with.

My whole life I grew up without my father, it was only my mom, my two sisters, and I so I wasn't interested in sports as a toddler. But that day I went to play soccer all of my interests I had in life went away and suddenly I had new interests and goals in life and that was to learn to play soccer and be as good as my cousin and the guys he played with at the park.

So for almost a year I was playing every Wednesday at the park with adults and I started thinking, if I keep playing with adults I might not get better because I could never get the ball, they were too good, so I asked my mom if I could join a soccer team with kids my age so I could get better. So after I turned thirteen I got into my first soccer team, all of the players looked good and I thought I was going to get slaughtered but when I played against them I wasn't that bad, so I thought maybe I played bad with my cousin because I was nervous because I wanted to impress him and I was playing with pure adults and they had more experience. So for a while I stopped playing at the park and went to all the team's practices and games and learned a lot of stuff and got better and better, for example I learned to kick the ball better, and learned all the rules of soccer, I even learned some juke moves too. By the time I was fourteen I was playing with both my soccer team and at the park with my cousin. When I played with my team I was actually one of the players that made a difference In the team and when I played at the park it was really hard to juke people, I couldn't juke anybody, but I was giving good passes to everybody and I hardly gave the ball away to the other team and if I don't give a pass I try for a shot and made them most of the time, and most important my teammates don't get mad at me anymore. What I enjoyed the most about learning how to play soccer was that I fit in with my cousin a lot more and now I have a vision of what I want my future to look like. I learned that playing with adults was never going to help me get better at playing soccer because they have way more experience than me so I had to play with kids my age to learn how to play and try new stuff.

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