February 3, 2009
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America. Loyal, Great, extraordinary and the best of the best. Those are the things that come up to my head when I think of them. The Mexican soccer team America started in the 90s. America really wanted to join the Mexican League in 1916. So to get in, they had to prove they were worth it. In 1916 they played their first game Vs. Germania. And of course the results were that America won. Of course. Since America beat Germania, America was scheduled to play Vs. Spain. America wanted to join the league. The teams that were scheduled for that were: Necaxa, Atlante Real Spain, Germania and Asturias.

Right now you might be asking yourselves 'Why did they name the team America?' Well they named it like that because on the day that they decided to form the team was the day Christopher Columbus discovered America. They decided and registered the team as America. Now, what they needed was to find out the team colors. Rafael suggested the colors navy blue and yellow. He thought of that idea, well he didn't even think about the colors he just grabbed his dads navy blue trousers and yellow shirt and the rest of the team members agreed with those colors. So the good thing was that they agreed. That's how they started.

America is the best soccer team out there. I am one of their number one fans. My room is blue and yellow and the whole room has America things and posters of the players. One of my favorite players is Francisco Guillermo Ochoa. He is a player that I really adore. He is a very great player and is America's goalie. One thing I love about the team is their mascot. Their mascot is an eagle. They have an eagle named Celeste and it's flown around the stadium before every match. I will always watch their games. They are just something I love.

So America is a team I will always go for. It's the best soccer team ever. To some it might be dumb to love a soccer team that much, but I really its one of the things I really love in this world

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