My First Race

January 30, 2009
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Approaching up to the gate, I am as anxious as every other race I attend to. Sitting there on my factory Honda CRF150R staring down at my competition. I got the same look from the rest but I was not phased. The gate director pointed me to the row that I was assigned to. Anxiety rushed through my blood like the feeling of a racecar rushing past you going 190 miles per hour. The day before that my dad had just suffered from an asthma attack so had full intentions on winning this race.

I have practiced at this track before so that I can dominate here sometime. This race contained hard single-track trails that had many immediate up-hills that were loaded with rocks. In some places I defeated like the dune-like sand section where I got away from everyone. The track that is open for practice is another part that I escaped any approaching opponents. The duration of the race was 45 minutes, which meant that I could get in about 3 laps.

Towards the end, the race seemed to be longer and longer as I got more and more tired. But as I knew that I was winning, it was the only thing that kept my motivation going. As they waved the flag in my honor, the bike was the only thing that dragged me back to the truck where we unloaded the bike from the start.

I crashed five times total and had to make up the time every time I did but in the end, I managed to take the surprising win all in honor of my poor, ill father.

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