The NBA All-Star Game

January 30, 2009
By Kyle Gladstone BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Kyle Gladstone BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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If you like to watch basketball, then you must have seen an NBA All-Star Game. Now generally it consists of the top 24 players sprinting up and down the court throwing alley-oops to each other and having a good time. Now, how would you feel if a player that you like and deserved to play in the All-Star Game didn't get in because someone else got votes from his home nation because he is a certain nationality? Take Yao Ming for example. By looking at his stats, there are many players that are more deserving than him. But since he is from china and people in china are allowed to vote for the All-Star Game, he gets voted into the starting line-up due to his number of votes. At 7 feet 6 inches tall, he should be averaging close to 13 or 14 rebounds a game, yet he averages only nine. Also, he should score at least 25 points a game, but he barely reaches 19! I think China should not be allowed to have a say in who plays in the All-Star Game because they do not even have an NBA team! It is understandable if the players they vote for are having superb seasons. But come on, if they are having an average season when they should be dominating, they do not deserve to play in this spectacular opportunity.

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on May. 9 2014 at 9:07 am
Straight up no. just because your 7 ft 6 inches doesnt mean you have to be nasty at offense.  also how come your not scoring 25 points a game. Its not that easy to do. i would love to see you get 25 points and 14 rebounds a game

on Feb. 28 2009 at 7:28 pm
SlowlySuffering SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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interesting article kyle i like ur take on the number of votes. it is a good spin on things. great work!


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