January 30, 2009
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There I am lying carelessly on the hot summer sand not knowing of what just happened. My quad handlebars were slightly bent due to my stomach hitting them so hard. My right arm was slightly bruised and I felt a strong pain in my lower stomach. I was in the middle of nowhere, not wanting to move what so ever. It was almost dark; the sun was barely creeping over the mountain so I had to get up. As my dad helped me up I screamed helplessly not knowing what to do with the pain.

The ride back to camp was only ten minutes, but it felt like an hour. I was lying on the back of my dads sand rail with excruciating pain. As we got back to camp I went in my motor home to lie down. I felt a little better until I took seven hundred fifty milligrams of Vicodin. I am only eighty-five pounds so that went through me very fast. Five minutes after I took the Viconin, I started vomiting everywhere. When I started to vomit we made our way to the hospital. We were near Yuma so the closest hospital was the Yuma hospital. As we got to the hospital, my dad and two nurses escorted me to the nearest room. I was slowly starting to dose off because of the Viconin I had. I was woken up from my dad every five minutes seeing if I was all right.

Two hours later we got the news on my stomach. Several doctors came in to break the news to my dad. I was out of it so I didn't care about anything by then. I overheard the doctors talking to my dad. They were saying, ' we are going to have to put him under for surgery, we don't know how long it will take but due to the injury it may take an hour to two hours'. In the last word that the doctors said was the last word I heard before I was put under.

Finally, there I am laying in the recovery room. When I woke up my dad told me that I punchered a hole in my intestine and bruised a lot of my abdominal. I tried to talk but it hurt so bad to even talk. So as I was lying there I had a huge grin on my face showing how thankful I am for those doctors who saved my life. I kept on thinking of how much more I appreciate life itself after that horrific night of pain.

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