The Ice and Me

January 29, 2009
By Anonymous

When I got the call I wasn't expecting it at all. The call was from Kevin, and I thought it would be a normal call; and he would just ask me to come over the next day. As it turns out, it was to ask me if I could go snowboarding. I had always heard that snowboarding was a lot harder than skiing, and I had never even stepped on skies before; so I knew that this was going to be an extreme challenge. But I was still excited for the trip, and I was ready to go. Little did I know that snowboarding hurt, badly.

Early on Saturday morning, Kevin picked me up along with some others, and we started our journey towards Grand Geneva Resort. The car ride was filled with conversations of how bad we would all ourselves on the mountain. After the hour and a half ride up there, we had to rent all the gear that we needed for snowboarding. The boots felt like lead weights on my feet; and I thought to myself, how can anybody control a snowboard with these things on his or her feet? Then there was the board; it looked like a surfboard but skinnier, and it looked hard to balance on. I also had to rent a helmet which I didn't want to at first; but now, I'm sure glad that I did. The helmet looked like a normal bike helmet, but it had ear muffs built in on the sides making it nice and warm. Now, that I was all geared up and ready to give it a try, I was pumped and couldn't wait to go down the mountain. But first, just like everyone else, I had to master the bunny hill before I could start shredding the big hills. The first time we all went down the bunny hill, I was the only one who fell. Not a good start. But after that, everyone else wanted to move up to bigger and better things and I didn't want to get left behind so I followed. Even getting on the ski lift was hard for me. As we reached the top of the hill and got off the ski lift, we grouped together. We had gone to a hill way past any of our skill levels, and the only down was to go ride the hill. But just as we lost hope, we saw another hill to the right of us. It still looked challenging, but it was much less terrifying than the other hill. I was the last one to depart down thinking I could make it easily. I was sadly mistaken. I barely made it ten feet before I started heading towards trees and falling right on my butt. The other thing was that it was so hard to get up and start going again after you fell. After many more crashes on my way down, I gave up and slid the rest of the way on my butt. When meeting up with my friends, the decision was unanimous, find a smaller hill. But, as the day went on even the smaller hill that we found had a couple of difficult turns and twists. The day had many highlights. I had almost hit a tree, flew into a wall of ice; and it felt like I had broken my butt. But one good thing did happen that day; I made a new friend, the ice.

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