The Fight of the Century

January 27, 2009
By Jake Jurgella BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
Jake Jurgella BRONZE, Watertown, Wisconsin
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Football, to an average person, would look like men crashing into each other, but it's way more than that. It's one of America's favorite and best sports. In fact many people would argue that it is the people's most beloved sport. Well, I decided to look into this. I chose to look and compare football against 'America's Favorite Pastime', baseball.

First of all, people playing football get paid a lot more money than baseball players, which might have resulted because of the number of people who view football more than they do baseball. Also people watched the super bowl way more than the World Series. To back this up I looked up how many viewers were watching these two events. According to Fox and The NY Times last year the super bowl was ranked one of the most watched events and the World Series had the second worst viewership in its history. If you compare these two together the super bowl had around 82 million more viewers than the World Series. The super bowl had 97.5 million while the World Series only had a measly 15.8 million viewers. So you decide which sport is really 'America's Favorite Pastime.'

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