The Big Hit

January 23, 2009
My brow if furrowed
And my teeth are clenched
Slowly walking up to bat
I hope I get a hit, I hope I’m not benched

I hit the bat against my ankles
I’ve seen the bigs do it before
They always get a hit
And I’ll hit just one more

My stance feels goofy
Its my first time
The balls comes in slowly
And I know this ones mine

I close my eyes
Swinging as hard as I possibly can
I know I’ll hit this one far
Cuz im the man

I open my eyes again
Checking whether I hit
But I realized I didn’t
I just plain missed it

I walked back to the dugout
All bummed and sad
I realized I had more chances
It wasn’t all bad!

I ran back to the plate
I acted like a fool
But I was going to hit this one far
All the way over the school!

Confidence was strong this time
My stance up tall
This is my chance
I’m going to hit the ball

The pitch came again
I knew what to do
My eyes were on dead center
I let the bat flew

The bat hit the ball
I didn’t know where it went
I looked at the bat
It had a big dent!

I ran to first base
My feet went so fast
The first baseman said something
But I ran right past

After I got to second I noticed some noise
I turned around and the fans were in a big cheer
I realized I hit the ball far, a home run in fact
Excitement overwhelmed me and I broke out a tear

I slowly jogged to third and then home
My teammates gathered around
And a chant of my name
It was the perfect sound

As I touched homeplate
They all jumped on me
I felt like a hero
And smiled with glee

I walked back to the dugout
Smiling all the way
I could not believe I did that
This is my day

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