Rich in Football

January 22, 2009
Hut, hut, hike, Jay Cutler gets the ball; he looks around for an opening. He hears his team mates struggling to keep the line men off of him. Finally (which felt like forever) he sees an opening; it was a straight shot for the touch down. He winds back, then thrusts forward, and the ball flies in a perfect spiral for his team mate to catch. His team mate catches it, and makes the touch down, and the crowd went wild. From my perspective that was a pretty good play, but I think that professional football players get paid too much, and the hard working American doesn’t get paid enough. Sure they both have families to feed, but the hard working average American can struggle to make ends meet, where the pro football player lives a very extravagant life.

Did you know that the average teacher’s salary ranges from $43,580 to $48,690, compared to the professional football players average salary, which is $1.4 million a year. I see the very big difference, do you? The football player gets paid too much just for the entertainment of others, where as the teacher is investing in everyone’s future to try to make this country better one class at a time. Man that is pretty hard to figure out who should get paid more.

The latest economic trend has left has left many American families to face a devastating financial tragedy, and makes it a certain downward spiral toward a major financial loss. Many people had adjustable mortgage rates, so when the rates recently went up, it left a lot of families in over their head, owing more than they make. Like wise a football player could get hurt really bad, and have to end their career sooner than they planed, and go down the same path, not knowing how to do anything else.

Some get their house, their car, their couch, their T.V., and their shelter repossessed. They are then forced to live on the street and beg for money just to get their next meal. During the winter they can try to get into a homeless shelter, but only the luck first few people make it, and are then able to stay there for the night. But the unlucky ones have to freeze to death, maybe even loosing a finger to the killer beast; frost bite. If they get sick really bad, than they might not be able to get help, and die out on the streets.

Mean while the football player is in a nice lovely warm house, maybe watching the television, or maybe sleeping in a warm bed.
It is not fair that they get to be all warm and stay inside while others freeze, and maybe even die outside.

My belief is merely this, people that are helping others is more important than people that are entertaining people just for what they like to do. I don’t think that all teachers always like teaching, but when people are playing football because they like it, than they should get paid less than the people that actually care for others and their future.

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