Losing in life......SUCKS!

January 22, 2009
By T.J. Jakopec, Aurora, CO

Losing, one of the many things that Americans can’t bare to do. That and exercise. Sadly, we all have to go through losing. It happens to everybody at least once. Some Americans don’t handle it very well. Some do. I have my own opinion about losing.

There is one person who really hates losing, but he can bare it. He is not American he is Canadian. His name is Steve Nash. He is one of the best guards in the NBA. Now I know you want a quote but sadly, I couldn’t find one. Just like all other professional athletes he loses more than once. But it’s not often. When he does lose he can handle it. That shows a lot.

Another person that can’t stand losing is me. I hate it. It brings my level of competing down and my level of happiness down. It also makes me mad. When I lose it is like the other team is rubbing it in your face and you can’t do anything but watch them wishing you would’ve won. Losing is like cheating, after you do it you are down and you hate yourself.

I hate losing so much. I hate the way it feels. I hate the way people blame another person for losing. It’s down right pathetic to lose and to blame everyone but yourself. After I lose I feel horrible on the inside.

Losing, it’s a word someone came up with. It’s not harmful, but it still hurts when you hear it.

If you’re in your championship basketball game and you lose in that game. What do you think it will feel like? What will people say? Well you automatically think that people are going to start blaming you for it and you already feel like it’s your entire fault. You feel like you let your team down. You feel like you did everything wrong. Even if you did play the absolute best you could you feel like you played the worst in your whole life. That’s only in the championship game, everyone else….well mostly everyone can handle losing a regular game unless it’s like to go to the playoffs.

There’s a famous quote by Wayne Gretzky. “Losing is not the only thing; it’s the worst thing to happen to you in sports besides an injury”. I know people who say “Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing”, or “If your not first, your last”. The thing is all the famous and non selfish pro athletes don’t stay that kind of stuff.

There is one more famous athlete I want to talk about. His name is Sidney Crosby. Best player in the NHL. Well at least in my eyes. He can bare losing. Even though he hates it. That shows a lot. He is my hero.

To wrap things up, Losing in life does suck. If all Americans learned how to bare it, all sports would be so much easier. Don’t you all think so?

The author's comments:
This is all true. This is really how losing makes me feel. I hope you enjoyed my piece.

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