Basball Story

January 21, 2009
By Tyler Thatcher, Palm Desert, CA

Since I was five years old I loved baseball. I worked with everyone I could to get better. Everybody helped me with open arms no questions asked. All I ever wanted was to be the best on my team. Well back then I definitely wasn’t I could barely hit the ball. I mean I had coaches pitching to me and I couldn’t hit a ball traveling 5 Mph. That made me work even harder on being the best…

My third year of playing baseball I barely knew what was going on I was hitting the ball into the outfield. Every time I came up to bat I was already on base. It felt good to be able to not just hit the ball but smack it out there. I mean I could hit it far for my age but my fielding needs a lot of work. I couldn’t catch the ball to save my life. I also wasn’t a fast guy either I was a little slow at the running but we kept working at it.

My fifth year of baseball I was pretty good now. I could do everything pretty well but still wasn’t the best so I had to push myself a little harder. So my dad and I would go out to the fields and work on my baseball skills. My dad would take me out 1-3 times a week just to work on my catching sometimes my hitting. Then he would have me play catch with him. That really made a difference I was getting better. I had the hang of the game by now but I still wasn’t the best.

My 7th year of baseball was fun but my team wasn’t that great at the beginning of the year. We were 0-5 for the beginning of the baseball season. This wasn’t good at all. We were the worst team in the entire league we were at the bottom. As the season went on we became way better. We started to catch the ball, hit the ball, and field the ball. We were becoming a great team unfortunately we were to late to be the best we had to work to hard just to take third place which we barely placed. We just were getting good when the season was just about over so therefore we couldn’t be the best, but I was one of the best on the team.

All in all baseball is my passion I will never give it up. I really want to go far in baseball I have the ability I just need to work at it. This year I am going to be the best and I will make my team first place that’s a promise.

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