The Battlefield

January 15, 2009
By Jonathan Davis, Fort Worth, TX

I Welcome You To The Battlefield
Full Of Blood And Sweat
With Men, No Longer Boys,
Some With Love, Most With Regret
Trenches And Fights Weekly
Yet Not A Place For The Weakly
Treated Like Midgets Amongst Giants
No One Is Acting Sweetly
Gunshots To Stop The Bleeding
Zebras To Maintain Order And Cheating
Colossals Even Mammoths Colliding With The Barking Dogs
Usually The Giants Win But K-9s See Through The Fog
Generals Screaming
Cowards Fleeing
Lieutenants Gleaming At The Sergeants Scheming
Who’s To Be Blamed And Praised When Battles Are Won And Lost?
Not No One But Everyone
Crush Everyone Mercy For No One
This Is Football

The author's comments:
This Shows My Love For Football And All Aspects Of It

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