Skate Spot

January 15, 2009
By Nathan Mount, Shaelbyville, IL

Boom! “Here I am grinding the low box at the skate park. I was thinking maybe kick flip out. So I tried it. Oh yea! I landed it.

Oh yea the sound of my friend clapping that was clean my friend Shawn yelled.

Yea I know I know tell me about it.

I got one for you fifty-fifty heel flip out.

Close I said try again.

Ok I got I got it this time he said.

He got it I was clapping as he rolled over towards me I said high five and then he gave me a high five. Then he sat down in the shade next to the quarter pipe because the bench some one spilt sweet tea from Mikey D’s.

Shawn said, “Was that fifty-fifty heel flip out clean?”

“Yea it was pretty clean,” I said.

Shawn said hey go get my wallet on the top of the hip.

I said no you can go get it. Why do you want your wallet?

I want it that way I can go over the rail road tracks and look at this skate spot that I seen last night.

I said you can go get it and we should just drive your car over there to look at the skate spot that you seen.

“Ok,” he said.

When I got up and was heading towards the car a little gust of wind blew it felt so good. About the time I reached the car I heard the sound of a skate board rolling across the rough ground.

Shawn had just grabbed his wallet from the ramp and was headed towards the car.
So I looked over to see who it was it was. It was Dakota was walking towards me because he was in the grass and asked me where I was going.
To go check out this skate spot that Shawn seen last night.
“Can I go?” he asked.
Shawn said sure you can go.
So I opened the door and Dakota moved the seat forward that way he can sit in the back because I always sit in the front seat. We went out the park exit with the music blaring until we get to the skate spot.
Shawn said do you want to skate it.
No not really because you have to be home in ten minutes.
He said oh yea good thing you reminded me. Where do you want to go Mike!y D’s that way I can get a drink and then go home so I can take a nap while you eat with your mom.
He took me home and I said hey to my G’ma and told her I was going to take a nap on the couch.
She said that it was fine.

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